Afraid of colourful makeup? We show you 5 marvelous metamorphoses

fresh,springlike and trendy!


Coinciding with the start of spring, pandora nox presents us again her makeup art skills.

With her flamboyant make up abillities, she creates over and over again a new character…


Goth style takes on a new meaning. The joyful eyemakeup, hold in warm colours, build a good contrast to the bluish green hair.

The black lipstick completes the whole style and gives the required „dot on the i“. Love it!



True blue. Ice cold, but evenso hot! I just love the colour selection of this style.

An elfish mythical creature with japanese manga character.Gorgeous!


 Living rainbow : This look reminds of disney. With the powerful and strong colours, she creates a wild cute style.What i especially like, are the „ombre“eyebrows, colour coordinated with the pigtails.

Right side from orange to pink, left side from turqouise to darkblue. All in all, it results in a fantastic, imaginative look!



This juicy style is my favourite out of this range. I love the lilac coloured eyeshadow,which enforces the colour of Pandoras eyes.

In combination with the berry colour lipstick and the hairstyle it all ends up in a trendy schoolgirl look.


The crowning glory. When i first saw that picture, it reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. The green magnificient head of hair,in addition with red lips, and strong eyeliner has a very strong effect. Summarising a very refreshing, vernal look!

Check out Pandoras instagram feed etc. to see more of her colourful live! And be inspired of her art makeup abilities!



Pandora Nox:


snapchat: pandoranox

Blog: Drezzer


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