CORE by Volgger – Now on Indiegogo

Volgger Studio is a brand new Vienna based label. Even though the brand is at the beginning of its journey, the two founders, Regina und Jasmin, show true talent and potential to take the fashion market by storm. Their designs are gorgeous, and the concept behind the line is truly inspiring: their goal is to create eco friendly and sustainable items that are also gender neutral. Their line is a step closer towards changing the fashion industry and transforming it into a socially and environmentally responsible world of creation.

(The two founders, Jasmin und Regina)


In order to finance the first production of their CORE collection, they started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and you should not miss it! Their goal is to reach € 19,000 and you can help by purchasing some of the cool items they offer: their selling material ranges from postcards and a lookbook, to necklaces, bags, scarfs, and, of course, to clothing pieces like T-shirts, Jeans and Jackets. They use very high quality materials that are durable and fit perfectly on any body.


Because of the used materials and of the concept that stands behind the line, the label is placed among the higher-priced brands. The price for a Cotton/Tencel shirt starts from €99, and, at the opposite side of the range, you can get a Neat’s Leather jacket for € 999. Even though the items are pricey compared to the fast fashion industy, we believe that slow fashion, responsabile production, social and environmental awareness are worth investing in.

We know that this price range is not easily affordable for everyone. But the least we can all do is support their amazing concept, share it, make it known so that they can get the help they need in order to succeed.


Here is the link to their campaign, and here you can visit their site.





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