Crowdfunding? Designer’s choice

Since we´re all about independent fashion labels, we want to take a moment and talk about promoting yourself and funding your production costs when you work as a designer. We know the struggles you have to go through when you start developing a business on your own. One of the biggest challenges is finding a way to obtain the much needed funding, but how can you manage that?


Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two of the most popular online platforms that help entrepreneurs find the resources they need. So, if you have a project and you need help with bringing it to life, these two platforms might just be what you need. You have to come up with a creative idea, make a plan – down to the very last details, organize yourself… and you are good to go! If the community likes your idea, your new-found friends will invest in you and help make your dream come true; and same goes for you, the sites offer you the possibility to help other creative minds in need and be a part of something really awesome.

Now, because we didn´t try the crowdfunding ourselves, but we want to stay real and true to you guys, we contacted two awesome designers who promote their lines on these platforms.


Andreas Eberharter is known for his label, AND_i and for his eccentric jewelry designs and accessories (you might know his awesome works, since his eye-patch became world famous after appearing in Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi video). Right now, he is expanding his line and has prepared a fashion collection, a denim series, AND_i + Spring/Summer Collection. He uses Indiegogo in order to raise the necessary funds. This is his first campaign and his goal is to reach € 10.000.-.He told us that for him, this is the perfect platform because it gives him the opportunity to reach his cliets directly, worldwide. At the moment, the crowdfunding reached 30% out of the total sum and it will go on for another month. Did we mention that early bird fans can buy their perfect jeans for just € 59.-?

Amongst his fans you can count Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Milla Jovovich, Kesha, Tarkan, Kiera Chaplin and Lindsay Lohan. If you want to help and support his amazing, worldknown designs, make sure you check out his campaign on Indiegogo. For more awesome pieces from his collection, visit his site!



The second designer that we talked to is Mark Baigent, who told us a bit about his Kickstarter Campaign, Fair produced Humanwear. He creates unisex pieces that shift the lines between genders and stereotypes, and at the same time his goal is to create fair, durable and high quality pieces. The purpose is to use fashion as a tool to create happiness, and being fair is the way to go. He created the kickstarter campaign in order to start a dialogue, to raise the needed funds, but also to listen tot he community’s opinion and suggestions. His goal is to reach 15.000.- € and his crowdfunding campaign has one more month to go.

If you share his beautiful views and believe that fashion should be fair and bring happiness, help with his campaign here. You cand find more cool designs on his website!




What are you waiting for? If you have a business idea that you believe in, start working on your plan. And if you want to be a part of someone else’s dream, make sure you visit their sites, the two crowdfunding links, share them, promote them and help bring them to life. Sharing is caring, remember?

Stay tuned for more, because we will follow up with two individual articles about these awesome designers, so you will get to know more about their stories, designs and concepts!

AND_i + Men’s Denim Collection on Indiegogo:

AND_i Site:

Mark Baigent:

Mark Baigent Site:


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