Diana on Drezzer

Going on with our Interview Series, we had the pleasure of  talking to one of our Drezzers of the Day, and here is how it went:

Drezzer: First things first, we want to know more about you!What are your passions?

Diana: Hi! My name is Diana, I am 21 years old and I live in Iași, Romania. I study English and German at the Faculty of Letters, but besides languages I have other passions as well. I love photography (I also own a Facebook page where people can see my work), I enjoy drawing (I’ve recently started digitally drawing and I find it absolutely awesome) and, of course, I’m interested in the fashion industry as well! Basically, I am passionate about art in every form.

(Diana´s drawings)

Drezzer: How would you describe your style?

Diana: Effortless. Feminine. Sometimes glam. The most important thing for me is to feel confident in the outfit I’m wearing. I dress up according to my mood, the weather, the occasion but I never wear something just to look good. I guess I have to “feel” it. 😊

Drezzer: Do you have a favorite brand? What or who inspires you?

Diana: I don’t have a favorite brand. I believe you can find gems everywhere, whether we’re talking about a high-street brand like New Look or designer clothing. I find inspiration everywhere around me: on the TV, on the internet, on a random woman walking down the street and even in nature. I think everybody can be a fashion icon, not only celebrities. Ordinary people can feel fabulous as well.


Drezzer: What clothing item could you not live without?

Diana: Under no circumstances would I give up on my black skinny jeans.

Drezzer: What would be the most valuable fashion advice that you could give?

Diana: Experiment with colors, patterns, textures but keep it simple. Find what makes you feel good and confident and constantly develop your style!

If you want to see Diana’s page, go here and discover her amazing photographic vision.

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