Future fashion stars – Today with the label “Spotsnapr Eyewear”


„Do what makes you happy…“

When we walked through the fair at Edelstoff, there was one booth, which was a real eye-catcher. In the full sense of the word: Spotsnapr produces sunglasses!
Herwig, the inventor of Spotsnapr, told me the story behind their business, that impressed us very much.
„do what you love“: They believe everybody should look for their own happiness. That is the thought, that counts in the philosophy of Spotsnapr. Their goal consists of being a new different brand that stands out from a number of other market participants. They always tried to do what they loved. One day they decided to sell sunglasses. Why not? And so Spotnapr was born!
this is how fast it can be…
We were so impressed about this attitude, because we share that view in each sight! Happy people are more productive, more creative, healthier. They see the beauty around them too. And this world needs more happy people, that’s for sure.


Basic informations about the brand:
  • Spotsnapr Eyewear is a new, fresh brand on the eyewear market, based in Graz/Austria.
  • All of their glasses are designed from renowned designers, using only high quality materials.
  • The draft of the glasses catches the eye because of its sporty elegance. Every pare of glasses has ist own unique detail


So get yourself ready for the summer and check out Spotsnapr Eyewear!

Label: Spotsnapr
Video: Alexander Gebhardt
Music: Klaue und Tatze

Text/Model/Moderation: Franziska Lindenthaler








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