The story behind “hoLd Fashion”

Our interview with designer Doris Huxhold



10 am, vienna 1050: We met designer Doris Huxhold in the Boutique “Trendzeit”. A small delightful boutique in the heart of vienna. Over a cup of coffee, we had a nice talk about her label.




Doris founded her fashion label in 2014. In Milan, she graduated with a BA in Fashion Design at the internationally renowned “Instituto Europeo die Design Milano”. Her label “HOLD” is defined by innovation, recourcefulness and her own personal vision on fashion. The pieces convince with attractive designs and clean cuts. Each piece impresses with its special character and its own emotional idea.


Smart and clean, but still not boring.

Natural colors and high-quality fabrics create an elegant, chic look.

How do you like HoLd Fashion?



Video: Alexander Gebhardt

Host: Franziska Lindenthaler

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