How makeup can change faces – Pandora Nox

Pandora Makeup Callisti shooting


Recently i had the pleasure to get beautified by Pandora Nox. That day we planned a  fotoshoot for Callisti Fashion. So we had to find the ideal look, matching to Callisti’s Style.

When we met,  i had absolutely no make up on and looked totally natural.

Then Pandora started to make myself up. It took her about one and a half hours to get my make up done.

When Pandora finished her work, the result was an overwhelming, glamorous styling with strong eyeliner and dark lips. The glitter on my eyelid was “the final touch”.

Pandora Makeup Callisti shooting.00_01_18_03.Standbild012

Watch the „before and after“ video above and see my whole metamorphosis!

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Video: Alexander Gebhardt

Music: der Wanderer

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