Humanwear by Mark Baigent

In our earlier article, Crowdfunding? Designer’s choice,we promised you that we will come back with all the details about the two designers that we featured,  who are running their crowdfunding campaigns right at this moment. This is why, today, we will introduce you to Mark Baigent, an incredibly talented austrian designer. He started his Kickstarter Campaign in order to be able to produce his „Humanwear“ line.

What we love most about him is his terrific sense of fairness. His brand is known for being gender-free and for being opposed to any kind of discrimination. He sees all humans as equal silhouettes and he creates pieces of clothing meant to fit all. On his campaign page, he writes:  „Why do we divide clothes by gender? Wouldn’t it be easier and far more fun if anyone could just wear anything they want? I began creating human wear; unisex apparel to empower men and women to shift the lines between genders and their stereotypes.“

His designs are unique and each of them is carrying its own concept. You can easily distinguish them by their unisex, timeless cuts, geometric shapes and minimalistic, avant-garde style.


The second aspect that confirms his fairness is his desire to do right by everybody: he wants to deliver durable and high quality pieces of clothing to his customers, but at the same time he refuses to make any compromise regarding the label’s integrity: right now, he is in Bali, overseeing the production of his new collection. He makes sure that the employees get a fair wage and he actually allows them to set their own prices on the garments that they sew. He describes the factory as a big family, in which they all work together in a friendly environment.

Lastly, we really appreciate the fact that he wants to make a difference in the fashion world and that he invites his clients to join him in the pursuit of using fashion as a tool to create happiness. Regarding his goal, he says: „I was never the person to shut up about injustice, I truly believe that fair working conditions are the future of this industry – It has to be! – If we do not change the way we work and treat each other, we will suffocate in our own waste and kill generations only because we are too focused on making money. “

If you want to help with his goal, and if you believe that, together, we can make a change, show him your support by contributing to his crowfunding campaign here. If you want to see more of his awesome designs, visit his site!

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  • srdjan vekic

    November 27, 2017 at 09:09


    My name is Srdjan( young fashion designer), I am assuming that you are so busy and that you get a lot of different emails and messages, but I decided try out and ask you to take a look on my fashion project.

    link of the campaign:

    link of video on you tube:

    I launched the Kickstarter project and it is based on fashion and compassion, and how we all together can make a difference and a good deed for a complete stranger randomly located in the world. So it would be a great deal for this project if you take a look, and maybe decide to share the link, story or photos of this campaign.

    Thank you in advance and I do hope that this mail would make a difference.


    Srdjan Vekic-project creator


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