Never seen a real fashion show? We present the dramatic show by designer JC Hoerl


The viennese designer Juergen Christian Hoerl attaches with his label „JC Hoerl“ great importance to quality and exclusivity.  His designs are characterised by clean cuts and distinctive accents. Each piece impresses with its special character and its own emotional idea.

What I particularly like are the colours in his new collection. From pastel shades up to deep blue tones.


As the ultimate ending of the event „Modepalast Ried“, we had the pleasure to admire a perfectly arranged fashion show from Juergen Christian Hoerl.

This show was just fantastic and obviously a feast for the eyes and ears. It started with a dramtic saxophone concert, combinated with a spectacular lightshow.

Everyone could feel the positive and emotional athmosphere in the audience. Each of the spectators was impressed by the excellent organisation of the show.


The models glided over the catwalk, cloaked in the most beautiful robes from JC Hoerl and presented all these absolutely gorgeous garments.


Designer Juergen Christian Hoerl with the organiser May-Britt Alróe-Fischer

For us it was a big pleasure to watch this spectacle!



Label: JC Hoerl

Video: Drezzer

Music: Emil Berliner



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