3 perfect outfits for your summer holiday — By Lust Fashion

“Lust” — Fashion by Lu Steiner


Spring has arrived and now we are ready for the summer! If you are  already planning your beach holiday, we got some fantastic Outfits for you.We visited to Lu Steiner from the label „Lust“ at the Kunst and Designmarkt Salzburg. She presented to us her favourite beach outfits. Lust Fashion stands for eco-friendly production, multicoloured fabris and pleasant wearing comfort.

lustfashion Outfits Summer

lustfashion Outfits Summer

What we love the most  are the fresh and colourful textiles. Every dress has it’s own unique pattern.

lustfashion Outfits Summer

lustfashion Outfits Summer

A perfect outfit for a sunny bathing day!


lustfashion Outfits Summer

lustfashion Outfits Summer

The airy and lightweight fabrics feel so incredible comfortable.


<3 Now all we need is the summer <3
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Video: Alexander Gebhardt / Drezzer


Host: Franziska Lindenthaler / Drezzer


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