Shine bright with Nushi Leggings

We admire colorful patterns and clever designs, and this is why we fell in love with Nushi’s leggings. Nushi is a hungarian label, whose goal is to reach the maximum level of awesomeness with high quality materials, crazy textures and bright, vivid colors. This week, we talked with the brain behind everything, Tamas Cseh.


How did everything start and what is your role in the development of Nushi?

T.C: Actually it started off as a hobby project and right now I am doing it alone: I am the designer, the finance guy, the marketing guy. It is a one man show at the moment, but in the future, when the business will grow, I will need more people involved.

The idea came completely by accident. I had a high school reunion and one of my schoolmates told me he is experimenting with dropshipping (he chose products on Ebay and put them on local secondhand ad-pages to sell. If somebody wants the product from him, he orders it from the Ebay-seller and ships it directly to the person who purchased the product from him). I was curious and started to surf on Ebay to see if I could find something to play with as dropshipping. Then I saw banners on the site with some awesome leggings. I checked them out and, at the end of the day, I was already taking into consideration making a business out of importing, branding and selling leggings in Europe. I ordered some samples, but the quality was really not up to my standards. Quality is very important to me.  After this negative experience, I started to examine whether I could produce premium quality leggings here in Hungary. I started to look for vendors for sewing, printing etc. and got the best fabric. When every detail got together as a full picture, I started the production and  then launched Nushi after half a year of work in 2014.



I saw that most of your leggings are designed for women, are you also trying to reach for a male audience?

T.C: The primary target group is women, of course, and I mainly put effort to this approach. The garment is cut and made for the women’s curves, but it can fit to men as well. I actually  have several male friends who wear and love Nushi leggings. Bence Csalar, who is a Hungarian fashion blogger, wore Nushi leggings  to London Fashion Week.



And do you think about expanding? Maybe also other pieces of clothing?

T.C: Yes, I have plans. I have been thinking about body suits and swimwear, but they are not on the roadmap yet for this season


And lastly, do you have any message or piece of advice for your clients and for our readers?

T.C: It’s a cliche, but fashion is for everybody. And I do not mean the bullshit that everybody has to follow the newest fashion trends or something. Rather I would say, everything is in fashion is stylish if it matches to you and if you feel comfortable in it. The high fashion is just a comedy for me: overrated, expensive, demo-garments that have nothing to do with real life. Street fashion is the fashion for people. High fashion is just a circus. And well, leggings? Are they in fashion or not? Who cares?! If you like them, wear them! It is so simple.


In other words, if you love being comfortable, colorful and bright, give Nushi a try! The high quality leggings will not disappoint, and you will love their soft surface, durable construction and vivid colors. You can find them here, on their website, or in Budapest, in Lollipop Factory’s shops or in Mono Fashion Store.


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