the 5 most inspiring make up transformations

And once again, Pandora Nox managed it to surpass herself. In the following, you will find five completely different and fantastic art make ups. Every single one beeing more terrific than the others.

Get inspired by Pandoras incredible art metamorphosis!

pandora nox

Orange explosion: The wonderful colours in and the fiery hair reminds me of an indian sunsest. The beautiful diamonds in the face are the „dot on the i“ and help to complete the whole look.

pandora nox

Something for “steam punk” lovers: The second style persuades with a mixture between green eyes and voluminous hair. The fur coat fits perfectly to the rest of the appearance.

pandora nox

The third look shows us a redhaired beauty,holding an apple in her hands. She reminds me of of a fashionable version of „Eve“ from Adam and Eve.

pandora nox

This “Yolandi Visser -look”, is one of the most extravagant I have ever seen. Perfect for a costume party or halloween! Scary but still attractive.

pandora nox

Last but not least: May I introduce you to this little tigress? This make up impresses with its expressive colours. stunning!


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