True Boxers Interview

In our pursuit to explore and understand the „behind the scenes“ world of slow fashion, we had a lovely conversation with Marcus Stadler from True Boxers. He described us the journey that he and his business partner, Alexander Bayer, took in order to establish what today is a fair and eco-friendly label.


The beginning

The idea of creating True Boxers was brought to life when they realised that they could not find, on the local market, any high quality, durable and eco friendly boxers. The idea became reality after they launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 – their first production was in  the early 2016. The name of the brand, as well as their philosophy, was inspired by the documentary True Cost, directed by Andrew Morgan. The 2015 film explores the impact of fast fashion on the environment and reveales the hidden costs paid by the planet and by the factory workers.





Collaborations and difficulties

For Marcus and Alex, quality is most important and they did not want to make any compromise. This is why their journey took them to Spain and Portugal, after trying numerous collaborations. To find the perfect match, they made plenty prototypes until they were truly pleased with the results. Their fabric comes from Spain and it is 100% Poplin Cotton, and the manufaturers are in Portugal. Both companies are family owned businesses and guarantee the highest quality and fairness standard.The biggest challenge for them was to find their suppliers, and the search took over one year. The production costs are, of course, bigger, but Marcus says that it pays off to invest in a durable purchase.





How are they protecting the environment?

As we already said, all the materials are bio and the whole production is fair. They also try to be waste efficient and use almost 100% of the material, their production has a low water usage, they only use non toxic colors and  the packaging is made out of recycling paper. At the moment, they open pop-up shops in places that are not used at the time. We visited them in a temporarily closed ice cream shop in Rotenturmstrasse 13.




Their designs

Even though they started off by producing boxers, their brand includes now briefs and, starting with 2017, True Boxers will also launch a swimwear collection.Their colors and designs are colorful, happy and are meant to remind customers that life is fun and worth living. They believe that „less is more“ and this is why they focused on producing only men`s underwear. Each product deserves attention and they are all thought through individually, leaving space for a continual improvement.







Make sure you check their website here!

In April, you can see them at Edelstoff (01-02. 04) in Vienna and at Modepalast (07-09.04) Graz














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