Amateur Fashion


As you already know, last week we visited Amateur Fashion, to see and try on their awesome winter collection. We loved it so much, and we went back there again, this time with a new purpose: to get two amazing outfits for the winners of the #tubemasAustria contest.

For those of you who don´t know yet, #tubemasAustria is a great collaboration between 29 austrian youtubers, who decided on making this Christmas special by organizing a contest in the form of an Adventskalender! Each day you can win a small prize from one of the youtubers, and at the end of the Kalender, you can win the Main Prize, including the amazing clothes that we got from Amateur.

The lovely model Teresa and Alex from Drezzer were happy to try on for us the two outfits that you can win. Here is a sneak peek into the photoshooting and, if you want to see more and get details regarding the contest, watch our video!







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