Greatest haircolor you have ever seen — Unicorn hair with Nora Vader


 “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.”

Just when you think the fashion world is out of hair color trends, another one comes along. Everyone saw the silver hair trend of the last year explode,but it looks like it’s finally dying out.
The so called rainbow hair also known as unicorn hair is a crazy, colourful action to „granny hair“ and is becoming a more and more popular trend.

Recently it was our pleasure to meet fashion blogger „Nora Vader“ here in vienna at her hair appointment.
Because of her unique and extravagant look, the charming lady is quite well known here in vienna.
She is proud to say that she took her hair from black to pink, green and nearly every other color out of the rainbow.


We met Nora in the barbershop in vienna, called „Le Figaro“

(Stüber-Gunther Gasse 2)




The starting color was in a grey tone with a lot of roots:




The first thing to do was to bleach the hairline.
After that they went on with dying the other colors: blue, green, orange, lilac and pink:




After about four hours, Nora turned into a living rainbow with angels curls.













Snapchat: NORA VADER

Le figaro:

Music: Klaue und Tatze

Video: Alexander Gebhardt / Drezzer

Host: Franziska Lindenthaler







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