We discovered 10+3 awesome pieces at Modepalast Wien

The famous “Künstlerhaus Vienna”, an impressive building in the heart of the city. A perfect location for a fashion pop-up store. At the Modepalast 2016, they offered uniqe fashion over creative illustrations up to streetart.
The aim behind the event is to sell individual designer items instead of “off the rack products”. Every single designer, had its own unique style. Every clothing article had this “special touch”.
Today we’re going to show you a small glympse into the Event. Here we present our favourite pieces:
 One of our favourite designers: Piers Atkinson! Piers creates a new collection of fifty prêt-à-porter pieces each season, showing in London and Paris.



 Mysthic and unique: ARYA SENSE



Springlike and fresh: ARTISTA <3


So comfortable…KOLLATERALSCHADEN: Sustainable production and stylistic elegance.




Austrian label “Su.”: An interface beetween art and fashion.



Intelligent and sensitive: Label “Andras Andrea” from Romania <3



Flowerpower by Birgit Sophie Metzger



Color explosion by “NELI MITEWA” (Ivan Asen22)


FORMAT products stand for the distinctive, individual, and unmasked style of each individual.




Worn with comfort: Verdandy Fashion! Timeless quality in combination with clear cuts and selected materials.


Hats off!





“Onko hat coture”  by Birgit Sophie Metzger







photocredits: Alexander Gebhardt





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