A taste of Copenhagen – Elaine Hersby Interview

The Drezzer team went to Copenhagen! We are expanding our world and meeting new designers from all around Europe! What we want to share with you today is an interview with the amazing Elaine Hersby, a talented designer who started her own line not long ago. Let’s see what she says about the challenges she encountered, about the happy and difficult moments she had in her journey!

Drezzer: You debuted your first collection pretty recently, at Copenhagen Fashion week SS17. What drove you to start creating your designs and how it for you to get in the fashion world? Can you tell us something about the ups and downs of starting your line?

Elaine Hersby: I have been designing clothes since I was a kid, so I have always known that this was what I should do when I grew up. I have worked with different brands around the world, such as Henrik Vibskov and Acne, which helped me take a very natural step into starting my own brand. It is a very hard process to start your own company and label. You have to be a part of all the steps, which means you are working all the time. I guess I have an advantage as I was an elite gymnast as a kid, which means I know what it takes to be the best, and to keep on going. I had my studio at my moms house the first year, to get everything going. Now we are lucky to be in the city.

Drezzer: What was the biggest challenge you encountered?

E.H.: I think it was a big challenge to make the first show, SS17, last year. I didn’t know anything. I was just trying to create a show with my friends. After that show I got contacted by Revolver, who is supporting me now.

Drezzer: Is there any piece of advice you could give to a young designer who wants to start his or her own line?

E.H.: Just believe in what you are doing, and be ready to give up everything for your business. It’s just hard work, talent and luck.

Drezzer: What influences your style and what inspires you?

E.H.: I’m a big fan of clothes that you are able to move in. Different sports often get me inspired. This year we are working with a solo dancer from the royal Danish ballet, Ida Praetorius, which is like a muse for the collections inspiration.

Drezzer: And lastly, how could you describe the fashion scene in Copenhagen?

E.H.: Very small but also super innovative. Lots of new approaches are going on in the Danish fashion industry right now.

If you want to see more of her stunning designs, visit her page here.

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