About ROEE — A fashion label, you should know

When we walked around at the Kunst and Designmarkt Salzburg there was one stand, which attracted my intention specifically. ROEE.
There was this unbelieveable gorgeous bomber jacket in snake design, beautifully draped on a wardrobe. This piece looked so lovely and stunning, that i had to stop immediately.
I never believed in love at first sight but that was the moment where I changed my mind…

…I totally fell in love with this jacket!!



The clear cuts , the beautiful pattern and especially the fabric attracted me. This pure silk fabric felt so pleasant on my skin. When i fitted on the jacket it felt like a fresh ocean breeze in the summer. <3
But not only the jacket was amazing. They sell a full range of wonderfully nice clothes.




Okay now i finally come to the brand:
ROEE is an austrian label, found in november 2013 by Rene Pomberger and Michael Mairhofer.
The tradename distinguishes itself by extravagant designs, high-quality materials and unique details. Every piece has its own personal background. Designer Rene Pomberger also attaches great importance to their artful photo series.
„The photographs are the completion of the collection“






photo Isabella Abel Photography / creativ director:rene pomberger/ production: michael mairhofer/ assistent katharina eggler/ make up & hairpiece: Jenny Bladek – Hair & MakeUp Artist / models: sigrid renner / thomas amon

I also want to mention that „ROEE“ became quite popular in the last few months. The „Vienna Fashionweek 2015“ was one of their bigger successes among other things, so far.

We are happy about this success and eager to see how this fashion adventure will continue!


Label: http://www.roee.cc/



Videoproduction: Alexander Gebhart / Drezzer


Text: Franziska Lindenthaler

So glad to see you sticking around!

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