Blickfang Internationale Designmesse

The Drezzer team went to International Designer Market Blickfang, a highly professional, well organized festival held in multiple cities: Basel, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zürich and Köln. This year´s event in Vienna took place in MAK, a museum of Contemporary Art, and brought more that 100 designers together.
Stay with us and see how it went!

(Left: Anna Badur , Right: …Said the Fox)


Chapter One – Meeting the Designers

Once we got to MAK, we joined the press tour and got to know the designers. It was lovely to hear their stories and to see how passionately they talk about their designs. They really make you believe in their work, and to realize how much dedication, creativity and attention it implies.
Blickfang brings together designers from all over Europe, and it embodies a clash of cultures, personalities, ideas and stories. We were honored to take part in such a tour, because it gave us the possibility to meet them personally and to take the time to really get to know them better. If you follow our social media accounts, you already got to know some of the labels that were this weekend at Blickfang, like Roee, Vis a Vis, Amateur, Garage Upcycling Design, Deglacier, Verdandi, Riaz Dan and Ferrari Zöchling, and now you get to see designs from so many more!

Even though we listed the designers that we met, you can find all the links here

Chapter Two: Fashion, Interior Design, Lifestyle

The market was so diverse! It included everything that you could possibly wish for: amazing clothes (Kamen, Claudia Güdel Wo, Birthday Suits, Xess+Baba, Lothar Daniel Bechtold, Ni-Ly, Jungle Folk, Jakob Leander Bach, Kamchatka, Plural, Miyagi, MaMaMu, KN, StoffBruch oHG, Cashmere Sisters, Studio B3, Vikman Anna, Rush, alicia, Masi, Etaro, Jeeij, Ille-olla, Undula, Jürgen Brand, Menashion, Klar, Kina, Marlen), amazingly crafted jewelry (Dikta, Moniz, Bernadett King, Studio Felix Doll, Amberwood Marta Wlodarska), bags (Sunday, Jungmi, JS by Julia Skergeth, Sarah Johann, FFIL), accessories (Yinkana, Thijs verharr, Said the Fox, Masi, Nelly Buchet Chapeaux), furniture and household items.

The wide range of items was created in such a way, that could improve multiple aspects of your life: your wardrobe, house and garden, the every-day objects that you use – literally everything. Moreover, many labels (like Gabarage Upcycling Design, Wiener Konfektion, Jurgen Brand, Urban Olive, Komana, Papier Langackerhäusl and Zirkeltraining Bernd Dörr Recycling Goods ) also focused on creating eco-friendly, sustainable designs – handmade, using recycled materials, representing the perfect mix between aesthetics and conscious consumption.

Check out the gallery below to get a glimpse of how Blickfang was!

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