Drezzer discovered 7 fantastic brands at “Blickfang” in München


warm, innovative and imaginative…


These are probably the best words to describe our experience at one of the biggest fashion fairs in europe. Last week we went on a journey to germany to visit a fashion and design exhibition called „Blickfang“. Our mission was to set out on a search for unexplored and new type of fashion designers. We were anxious to find fashion, which is not that known on the open market. Something new, something different. And of course something sustainable! After a longer car trip, we finally arrived in munich. The event took place in an old building of the german parcel delivery. When we got there, we marveled about the circular and brightly illuminated Hall. Everything was so tasteful and elegant.



I simply loved this creative and friendly atmosphere!

What also struck me, was that every single one of the visitors was extremely nice dressed up! You could see that everybody there has a good sense for fashion.


So the first hour of our visit, i spent with starring at people 😀


here some of our primal impressions:



From lingerie over completely extravagant jackets, you could nearly find everything across the board.






In total, we spent about 7 hours there and found exactly, what we were searching for. Seven incredible awesome brands! In one of the next blogposts, we will come up with more detailed informations about these brands.

We are really looking forward to the upcoming Blickfang event in vienna!
Sounds interessting? “design shopping” round the clock : http://www.blickfang-onlineshop.com/de/




So glad to see you sticking around!

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