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creative shopping in Salzburg


Last weekend we broke up to lovely Salzburg/ Austria, to attend an art and design market. The event took place in an old tank hall, which is now used as a location for diverse events.
When we came there, we were very impressed about the nice architecture. On the second floor, we could even see an icredibly awesome designer loft, which was also a part of the location.

When it comes to fashion, the market won over with nice and young designers. Mainly from Austria. One of the floors was especially provided for these creators. There, they offered a colorful selection of clothing articles, bags and jewellery .
The atmosphere was very pleasant and lively. It felt as if everyone was impressed by the fresh and creative organization.
There were also a few fashion brands, which attracted big attention to us! Unique fashion with extremely harmonious details and individual designs. All that, at a very fair price!
What i personnally loved, was that everyone was able to talk to the designers themselves about their fashion. This fact made the whole event extremely personal and enjoyable. In the upcoming blogs, we will focus on those wonderful new brands we found there.
So stay on the ball and let us suprise you!


Summing up, I must say it was definitely a good idea travelling there. A shopping experience apart from the mainstream… fantastic!




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