Ferrari Zöchling – a new concept in contemporary fashion

We love to discover the stories and concepts that hide behind independent fashion labels, and this is why we are very excited to introduce you to the austrian designer Romana Zöchling. In 2013, she layed down the foundation of what today is an awesome label with international recognition: Ferrari Zöchling. What is special about this label is the fact that the designer collaborates with various artists in order to create original and unique pieces of clothing. For her, fashion is an artistic statement, and it is treated accordingly.

Perhaps one of her most famous projects is the collaboration with the photographer Severin Koller. The design concept draws inspiration from his analog photographs. His beautiful images are printed on silk or viscose, and the result is simply a masterpiece: original, poetic, sentimental and breathtaking pieces of wearable art.

Of couse, she has a lot of other awesome collaborations, as beautiful and inspiring as this one. You truly need to see her designs by yourself. Get a glimpse of Romana Zöchling’s world in our video from Edelstoff, 2017.

Visit their site here

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