Kiss! Keep it Simple and Sophisticated with Susa Kreuzberger

As we promised you last week, we come back with the second fashion show from Take Festival Vienna.

If you somehow missed our view on the first presentation, Karl Michael’s awesome designs, you can read all about it hereand watch the video here.

You can compare the dinamic, energetic and street-style inspired mood from his show with the more serious, deep and elegant style of austrian’s designer Susa Kreuzberger’s show. She follows the motto of Kiss! (Keep it Simple and Sophisticated) and designs stunning pieces meant to fit anyone regardless of their age, proportions of the body and independent of any seasonal trends. On her website, which you can visit here, Susa describes her clothes as an extention and supplementation of the body, and she explore the multitude of possibilities offered by the various human forms. She describes herself as Madame with a Mission, and her ultimate destination is desire.

What we can say abou her show is: hats off for the truly awesome designs, for the fact that she integrated models of all ages and body types. Watch it here and let us know what you think about it!

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