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Drezzer is not just any other social media platform, it is a tight-knit community, a family, a home for any fashion lover. And one of the things that we value most is communication. We love keeping in touch with our users, hearing them out, creating a world of creativity and self-expression. This is why we decided to create the Drezzers Interview Series – a way of making it easier for new members to introduce themselves and to talk about styles, inspirations, ideas – and about anything that makes them happy!

We started this series with Sanda Vlogs, an insanely talented fashionista, whose style most definitely stands out: bold, confident and feminine.

Drezzer: First things first, we want to know more about you! What do you do when you are not blogging?

Sanda Vlogs: Hello. My name is S. and I’m not your ordinary girl. When I am not showing off my outfits everywhere, I still blog/write erotica, paint, watch weird thriller movies or read psychological books.

D: How would you describe your style?

S.V: Not boring. Classy but sexy. Intimidating. A bit gothic. Dark.

D. Do you have a favorite brand? What or who inspires you?

S.V: I actually hate most brands. Am I allowed to say that? I hardly find the clothes I enjoy. Something about them doesn’t mix well. Like I have this image in my head of how I am and want to look like and then the clothes aren’t from that story. So I might match this perfect Oysho hot bra with that vintage leather skirt I have and that Zara coat.

I enjoy classy brands but I want them to be more sexy/edgy/sensual.

I’m inspired by Noir movies. Those in which women were actual strong mysterious characters.

D: What clothing item could you not live without?

S.V: Lingerie/ sexy stockings. Both are my life.

D: How did your lifestyle change since you started being a fashion influencer?

S.V: It didn’t. My style is firm. Because I don’t follow trends. I’m me enjoying myself in my own body and expressing myself and my sexuality. That’s it.

D: What would be the most valuable fashion advice that you could give?

S.V: Be the best version of yourself yet never forget who you truly are. Reflect that in everything that you do.

Find Sanda´s profile on Drezzer here!

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