Slow fashion

Lately, we had the amazing opportunity to talk and collaborate with awesome designers who support slow fashion, and we want to share with you how beautiful this concept is.

So today, before we introduce you to our new community members, we want to bring some light upon some aspects that we consider to be very important in today`s fashion world.


First things first:

We all got used to the mainstream fashion industry; thanks to mass production, we all know how easy it is to find a chic and trendy outfit in every mall at any given time and we all love the low prices they come at. We can not deny it, it’s easy, fast and affordable, and because of this, we all tend to forget that it comes with a hidden price tag.


The consequences:

How many times did it happen to all of us to buy a low quality product and throw it away after a short while, because it broke or got deteriorated? How often do we end up buying more than we need, just because it`s very affordable? Overconsumption is increasing rapidly and the environment pays heavily for it. We don`t want to get into the gruesome details, like the consequences of pollution, deforestation, or the horrible working conditions in some factories, because we are sure that we are all aware of them, but it is very important to acknowledge that every single item we purchase influences the environment. And, luckily, now, we have the opportunity of chosing between having a positive or a negative impact.

The slow fashion industry tries to fight the damages created by the mass production. The „slow“ values are based on being green, eco-friendly and ethical.  The designers create fair, durable pieces of clothing, using materials that do not harm the environment, and make sure that the employees have proper working conditions. It is true, the prices for buying something high quality and custom made are somewhat bigger than buying items from mass production, but we strongly believe that the benefits are much bigger: we have the opportunity to invest in an outfit that is created for our individual body type, that fits us perfectly; we can invest in a durable product, made out of high quality fabrics and last, but not least, we can be sure that our purchase does not harm the environment and that the manufacturers have good and healty working conditions.

Slow fashion brands?

We are sure there are countless labels who promote slow fashion, and we are more than happy to meet as many as possible. Up until now, we had the pleasure of talking to: True Boxers, Kollateralschaden, Zwerkstatt, Amateur Fashion, Lila, Hold, You are the captain of my heart,  12dag, YLVA, LouB, Daniela Paradeis and Roee. Make sure you check them out and, if you know any other slow fashion brands, let us know!

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