VOLGGER Interview

Not long ago, we told you about VOLGGER and their Indiegogo campaign in an article that you can find here. Now it’s time to get more into details, so we decided to make an interview! Their campaign is online now, you still have time to make a contribution or to help them by sharing their links!


Drezzer : How did you start creating your designs? 

Volgger: Design has always been my biggest passion. I cannot even remember drawing my first sketch – but it was a long way to finally arrive at my first collection. By that time, I was finishing my studies in fashion. I had travelled to Tokyo and New York during the last term and was heavily inspired by these trips. Travelling, art, architecture are still the main sources where I get my ideas from.


D: How was it for you to get in the fashion world? What made you decide that this is the road you should take?

V: To set-up a business and actually become self-employed is not that of a big step, but to get it right is a completely different story. It’s very important to have know-how, a network and solid support from your surrounding – especially in the fashion industry.

It has always been my dream to start my own fashion business. My family and friends supported me from the very beginning to follow my dream – so I took the chance.

D: What are the difficult aspects in having a start-up brand? Did you have any support?

V: You constantly face difficulties (laughs). There is a lot of trial & error at the beginning. You have great ideas. You try – you fail. It’s part of getting to know the business better. These failures will make you stronger and if you get through it, there is so much to learn from it. But I’m not going to say it has been an easy ride for us. Staying focused and to believe in your dream – even if you face obstacles – is fundamental. Without the constant support of our family and friends we wouldn’t have come this far.


D: What was your best experience so far?

V: There have been a lot of great experiences along the way. From touching the first-ever prototype, to publishing our current crowdfunding project. However shooting our upcoming CORE collection and taking part in tradeshows in Berlin and Amsterdam have been especially awesome. The good vibes and support you get from your team and customers are the best!


D: Is there any piece of advice you could give to a young designer who wants to start his or her own line?

V: Stay open to advice from supporters, experienced fashion people, but also close friends. Try to build your own network: take part in job speed-datings or other networking possibilities. Workshops are very important too. However, the most important thing is to believe in yourself.


D: Can you elaborate the concept behind your brand? What drove you to create gender neutral pieces?

V: VOLGGER Studio creates 1 design but 2 cuts, both for women and men. Usually fashion brands have two separate collections: one for women and one for men. The CORE collection breaks with this classical collection design approach – our goal is to move beyond gender stereotypes by creating 1 single collection for both sexes.

D: What influences your style and what inspires you?

V: We’re inspired by people, who follow their dreams and make them happen!


D: How is the fashion scene in Vienna?

V: It has been changing a lot. Over the last few years a lot of new young designers started up and we love to see how the Viennese fashion market is growing.


D: What do you think about the fast fashion industry? Does it affect the developing of your brand in any way?

V: VOLGGER Studio wants to make a difference and evolve a deeper understanding of fashion and beyond. Therefore we offer the CORE collection as a year-round collection. We don’t participate in the growing trend towards fast-fashion. Furthermore, we only use high quality materials for as one key next to modern, but timeless design to create long lasting products.

(The two founders, Jasmin und Regina)


Find VOLGGER here

Photocredit: @waldschuetz

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