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At Edelstoff we had the great pleasure of meeting one very young designer, the creator of Tygerfly. We think it is very impressive to get successful in this field at such a young age, so we took an interview, hoping we would get to know more about his journey and to maybe inspire other young, talented fashion-lovers out there! Here is how it went:

How was it for you to get in the fashion world?

Tygerfly: It all happened step by step. I started to design and create things by simply trying and it just was just so much fun and made me really happy, so I continued. After having produced some shirts for myself, some friends wanted my hoodies and shirts, too. At some point I decided to make it big. To create my own website, to look for suppliers, to look for options, to think about marketing and so on. It is much more than just designing and having ideas. And this has been the hard part. Finding suppliers, where you can get your garments, your labels, and so on in a low quantity without having to invest all your money but still have the best quality available. It was also important to me that nothing was made by the hands of children or people who’re forced to work under extremely poor conditions.

Was it difficult for you to face all the challenges?

Tygerfly: Actually, I think I took all my chances, I don’t regret anything because there’s no actual need for it. I am still very young, this is just the beginning. If I’d like to do something in another way, I can just do it. I still have enough time and it’s never too late. Mentally, I had really much support. My friends and family always supported me, gave me their opinion and motivated me by telling me that they love what I do. This is simply a great feeling. Especially my dad helped me a lot as he’s a designer and economic himself. He told me how I can improve and helped me a lot in the finding of solutions for the problems, which appear during time. Physically, I wanted to do and did it almost all by myself. But still, there are always people around me who support me in case I need something. I’m really thankful for that.

What is the most rewarding aspect about working in the fashion industry?

Tygerfly: The exciting moments are always these when you can finally put your hands on the final product. To realize that this idea coming from somewhere in your mind, maybe from the deepest spot, it is finally there, it is reality now. You can grab it. This feeling is so exciting and makes so much fun and actually I guess, it makes addictive and motivates you enormously. Another great moment has been the Edelstoff Designmarkt in April, our very first official appearance and it has been such a success. That beautiful feeling when people are taking time and drive across Vienna just to see you and your label. Or random people stopping by, taking a look on what you’ve created and tell you that they love it. Priceless.

What are your plans for the future?

Tygerfly: No one can tell what the future holds but maybe I’d like to cooperate with other streetwear brands. I’d love to spend some time in Berlin, Europe’s creative center. I am looking forward to do some really cool projects with enjoyable people and do something that makes me happy. I’d love to reach many, many people. It is all set. It’s time to go big now.

What do you think about Vienna’s fashion scene?

Tygerfly: I don’t really know that much other people in Vienna designing fashion. I wouldn’t even call it a scene, it’s more like every fashion label is doing their own stuff and we’re all part of a much bigger scene. We’re in a creative scene alongside a lot of great photographers, great videographers and beautiful models. We’re all together and still, it has much more potential. You can’t compare it with Berlin for example. It feels like Vienna has only a few people who dare to be creative and make use of their potential. Even though, I think right now the scene gets bigger day by day, maybe someday we’ll be a great creative center as well.

What about your customers? Do you only sell in Austria?

Tygerfly: We had some, but rather few international clients yet. It is more concentrated on Austria, especially our beloved Vienna. But maybe this is yet to come.

What inspires you?

Tygerfly: I get inspired by the streetwear scene, photography, cinematography and especially music. I mostly listen to rap or hip-hop while designing or thinking about ideas.

And lastly, do you have any advice for young designers?

Tygerfly: Yes, I do have an advice. Just do it. It doesn’t matter which problem seems to be insoluble or whoever tells you that you won’t make it. It doesn’t matter how much you can invest, you don’t need any money. I started as well with actually 0 budget. Every success now is based on prior work and prior success. It always happens step by step. If you love what you do, you’re good at it. Believe. Don’t talk too much. Just do it.

Visit Tygerfly here!

*All the photos in this article are made by the Tygerfly team! Find more awesome images, styles and designs on their website or facebook page.

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